Dealing with Addictions

Join Dr. Pat Allen for a very special  seminar in regards to Addictions.  Alcohol, Sex, Money, Computer, Love, Food, Drug, Criminal Behavior, religious, Etc.  Topics to be Covered: What Prices have I paid for Addictions? •  Which Do I Have? •  Am I genetically disabled or psychologically? •  What chemistry am I addicted to? Dopamine? Serotonin? Nor-Epinephrine • … [Read more...]

Self Esteem What is it?

Join Dr. Allen for a very special one day class offering in depth information on the physical and emotional aspects of being a healthy person. You will take the "Keirsey Temperament sorter" which is a tool to help you understand yourself, your partner, co-worker, clients and children.  Keirsey provides a common language to understand your traits, attitudes, and actions. … [Read more...]

Featured Product: “Conversational Rape” (Digital Download)

Dr. Pat Allen's prescription for dealing with the people in your life and speaking with integrity. This audio recording is read personally by Dr. Allen. Learn how to ask for what you want and learn to say no to what you don't want without guilt. Can you enhance the way you think? Of course, just as you can improve your golf swing or master the piano.  Cognitive … [Read more...]

Couples One Day Workshop

Learn about Chemistry, Compatibility and Communication in this one day couples class. The class is for couples (gay or straight) married, in a  relationship or just dating. Topics to be covered: Do you want to be respected or cherished? How to make rational not emotional decisions. 5 tools to communicate your Want's and Not Want's. Phases of a relationship. Masculine … [Read more...]

LIFE SCRIPT – Who is Running Your Life?
You or Them?

Script Analysis is the method of uncovering the early decisions, made unconsciously, as to how life shall be lived. It is one of the five clusters in transactional analysis, involving a progression from structural analysis, through transactional and game analysis, to script analysis. The purpose of script analysis is to aid the client to achieve autonomy by … [Read more...]

Getting to “I Do”

The Secret to Doing Relationships Right! Step by Step Program For Ladies. Dr. Allen teaches the right way for a woman to find the right man and to communicate the right signals to him.     Topics to be covered:  •  How to attract the right Man •  Flirt to attract •  Phases of a Relationship •  When you should make the first move & when you should … [Read more...]

One Day Dream Interpretation Classes

 Interpreting your  Dreams Your Dreams are a constant source of insight for your inner growth and development as well as being constantly available to you as a step for healing process. "Dreams are messages from the subconscious  mind". In this class you will learn basic knowledge to make sense of your dreams and the ability to begin interpreting them … [Read more...]

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