Featured Product: Month of June: “A Life Time of LOVE” (Digital Download)

 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. A Lifetime of Love Based on her book Getting to "I Do" Topics Include: *Masculine & Feminine Energies *Sex & Commitment  *Flirting to Attract *Conflicts and Communication   *Phases of a Relationship    *Questions Most Asked by Men and Women *Suddenly Single, Guidelines for returning to the Dating scene *10 Secrets of Getting and … [Read more...]

Dr. Pat Allen’s Monthly Relationship Seminars (Itunes pod cast download)

Dr. Pat Allen Monthly Relationship Seminars (Orange County & Los Angeles locations) For A Limited time : Relationship seminars are available on ITunes podcast for free:  Search Dr. Pat Allen   Now available current monthly interaction recordings of Dr. Pat Allen's famous Los Angeles and Orange County open Forum Relationship Seminars. Dr. Allen most … [Read more...]

“A Lifetime of Love”

 5  Audio CD's or Mp3 audio. This is the companion piece and home study guide to Dr. Pat Allen's groundbreaking book on male-female relationships, "Getting to I do".  In this set of five audio CD's, Dr. Allen  personally expands upon her basic principles of how to get what you want from a man without ever asking for it, the three basic Types of Relationships, and the … [Read more...]

Conversational Rape (Audio)(Downloadable)

Dr. Pat Allen's prescription for dealing with the people in your life and speaking with integrity. This audio recording is read personally by Dr. Allen. Learn how to ask for what you want and learn to say no to what you don't want without guilt. Can you enhance the way you think? Of course, just as you can improve your golf swing or master the piano.  Cognitive … [Read more...]

The Relationship Seminars :BEST of COLLECTOR’S EDITION, Audio Downloadable or 10Audio CD Set

Over 10 Hours of Dr. Pat Allen's audience interaction recordings of her famous Los Angeles open Forum Relationship Seminars. Dr. Allen most often called THE LOVE DOCTOR explains her unique theories on how Male and Female energies interact in a relationship. Dr. Allen's information is politically incorrect-but scientifically accurate. Topics Include: Questions and Answers … [Read more...]

WANT® Training for Effective Living

CD Or MP3 audio with workbook set.  6 Sessions, available on 6 individual Audio CD’s  -- or choose our  MP3 version with all 6 sessions on a single disk, perfect for your iPod or Smart Phone. With either version you get nearly 5 1/2 hours of in-depth instruction in Dr. Pat Allen's Trademarked technique of Want Training that goes to the core of human communication.......The … [Read more...]

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