The Answers Book from Dr. Pat Allen

Finally, the quintessential answers to:

  • Why does my life suck?

  • Why don’t I have a great relationship?

  • How can I tell if I’m really in love?

Countless people have been inspired by her teachings and have learned how to express their wants and needs with integrity and honesty while avoiding the damaging ploys of intimidation and seduction. With her trademark wit and humor, Dr. Allen has led workshops, retreats and conducted thousands of her special Hollywood Monday night evenings, a unique presentation of stand up improv therapy.  She’s also the author of the best selling single girl’s bible, “Getting to I Do.” TV and talk shows (Oprah, The Millionaire Matchmaker) have called upon Dr. Allen for her insight and answers to life’s toughest questions, and some of the world’s top celebrities can be found in private sessions looking for and getting great advice on how to live and love better. Now it’s your turn to enjoy Dr. Allen’s unique advice and wit!

Dr Pat Allen The Answers

Live Better and Love Better with “The Answers Book” from Dr. Pat Allen”

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…from Dr. Pat Allen, Hollywood’s well-loved licensed marriage, family and child therapist and certified addictions specialist. (Harvard Medical School.)

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