Staying Married and Loving it!

How To Get What You Want From Your Man Without Asking

by Dr. Pat Allen and Sandra Harmon

Staying Married and Loving it by Dr. Pat Allen

Marriage is not an end–it’s a beginning. Yet, despite commitment, care, and communication, a marriage will sometimes falter. When it does, the good news is that it can be made wonderful again. Following her landmark Getting to “I Do”, Patricia Allen, the “Love Doctor” to over five thousand happily married couples, shares her proven methods for making a marriage come alive with love, passion, intimacy, and openness.
Dr. Allen’s methods are so simple and basic as to be revolutionary. In each of us there is masculine energy, which leads, provides, and cherishes; and feminine energy, which follows, respects, and responds, sexually and lovingly. In a modern marriage, where freedom of choice can be perplexing, these energies must blend and flow together. They must complement each other; they must not compete. Once we acknowledge our individual energies and learn to communicate appropriately the ground is set for a truly satisfying marriage–physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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