Communication Tools DVD

communication_tools_allenpathIncludes Communication chart manual

Price: $25.00


  • Insight into the 5 “Curses” of life, and their antidotes.
  • Brain Differences.
  • The Power of Dr. Pat Allen’s coveted negotiation tools.
  • How To Make Decisions Rationally.
  • Three Tools-
  • Stroke and Stand , Validation, 5 Step Clean up.
  • Amigo Talk. (This DVD is included with Relationships over 50 aswell as Chemistry, Compatibility & Communication in relationships)

The “Secret” of life is really learning how to communicate effectively and with integrity.  Dr. Pat Allen can help you prepare yourself for better love and a better life!  (we do not ship internationally)

NOT AVAILABLE until AFTER November 1st, due to back orders and high demands. 

Price: $25.00

Sample of the Video

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