Relationships Over 50 & Communication Tools

 SALE! 2 DVD's Set  with over 2 hours of  information.  ( we do not ship internationally) Dr. Pat Allen offers in depth information on the Sexual, Social and Spiritual aspects of being a 50 + year old Man or Woman. View sample clips below. SOLD OUT! Special Price: $29.95  $49.95  (Out of stock,  Not Available till Dec. 2019) Topics include: Over age 50 the … [Read more...]

Chemistry, Compatibility & Communication in Relationships

  SALE! This DVD set is over 3 hours full of Dr. Pat Allen's insights on the Dynamics of Human philosophies on the Dynamics of Human Interactions, which Dr. Allen has learned from over 30 years of practicing couples counseling, her weekly jam-packed question and answer seminars, all-day workshops and hundreds of appearances on TV and Radio. Watch a sample of the video … [Read more...]

Communication Tools DVD

Includes Communication chart manual Topics: Insight into the 5 "Curses" of life, and their antidotes. Brain Differences. The Power of Dr. Pat Allen's coveted negotiation tools. How To Make Decisions Rationally. Three Tools- Stroke and Stand , Validation, 5 Step Clean up. Amigo Talk. (This DVD is included with Relationships over 50 aswell as … [Read more...]

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