The Truth Will Set You Free

SetyouFREEWe are losing our ability to mate and relate“, and that women’s lib has been a boon for women in business, but a real disaster when they try to date and marry.
 Dr. Allen’s information is politically incorrect-but scientifically accurateWith footnotes to prove it.
 These research discoveries about male and female energies will refute today’s pop theories of relationship dynamics, and dismantle basic assumptions of the feminist movements.  You may get plainly outraged at the scientific evidence, but we are NOT out to justify any typical male behaviors.  fooling around, desertion or deception used to get laid.  Rather, we believe when you know the evolutionary source of such behavior, you can then claim the high ground, adopt empowering counter-behaviors, and conquer any victim mentality.  Knowing the truth about men will free you to implement new mating strategies and increase chances to develop a loving relationship with a member of a very opposite sex. (we do not ship internationally, check for purchase) 
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