Featured Product: “Conversational Rape” (Digital Download)

AudioConversational Rape by Dr. Pat AllenDr. Pat Allen’s prescription for dealing with the people in your life and speaking with integrity. This audio recording is read personally by Dr. Allen.

Learn how to ask for what you want and learn to say no to what you don’t want without guilt.

Can you enhance the way you think? Of course, just as you can improve your golf swing or master the piano.  Cognitive behavior therapy is evidence backed.  Your brain is in a constant state of rewiring, and I want to rewire your left brain hemisphere where language lives.  There are three ways to communicate, Intimidation, Seduction, Negotiation.  The first two are common power plays that create damage, where one party gets maneuvered into a losing position.

The third approach provides for a Win-Win scenario and promotes good mental health.

You can negotiate for anything you want in life…and you can get it

This is Dr. Pat’s seminal work and the foundation of her proven communication technique of Androgynous Semantic Realignment and the foundation of her program of WANT® Training, her language-of-.communication system that will help you become better skilled at loving yourself and others, making this a more caring world in which to live.


Digital Download Audio  (MP3 Format)

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Digital Download (MP3 Format)


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